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Ashley and JaQuavis in Memphis
05/11/2006 02:28:33 PM -0700

 Ashley and JaQuavis spent Saturday, May 5th in Memphis, TN., signing for their fans. Many came out to support the duo, that has hit gold again with their sophomore effort,"Diary Of A Street Diva." The two had appearances at Urban Knowledge in the Hickory Ridge and Southland Malls.

Ashley and JaQuavis would like to say  "Thank You" Memphis, for your support!!

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Urban Books Announces Book Tour for Diary
04/12/2006 04:15 pm

Authors Ashley and JaQuavis will hit the road for promotion of their second novel, "Diary of a Street Diva."  Their first book, "Dirty Money" earned success as Urban Books best selling book in 2005.

The talented duo will begin their tour in Memphis, Tennessee. The following weekend will take them to the Baltimore area, as well as, Brooklyn and Newark, New Jersey.

Thus far, there are 13 confirmed dates for the month of May.

Stop by and see the authors when they visit your hometown !

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Diary of a Street Diva



Cease, a young hustler enters the life of Remy and changes it forever. When Cease finds Remyís diary, all of his questions will be answered and deep dark secrets come to light as he reads about Remyís life.  Walk with Cease as he discovers the other side of Remy; a side he never knew. 

 Diary of a Street Diva is a hustlerís love story and takes you through the life of Remy Morgan, a young girl born and raised in the heart of the ghetto. She gets caught up in the life when she meets a drug lord who offers her the world. Young and naÔve, Remy gets caught up in a game of lies, deception, and greed and learns the hard way that everything that glitters ainít gold. After her love is slain Remy is forced back into the life that she desperately tried to forget. Ashley & JaQuavis takes you into the world of Remy Morgan and not until after her death is the truth revealed. You think you know, but you have no idea. This is the Diary of a Street Diva.

Take a look inside of Remy's Diary:

Dear Diary,

 I never knew life could be so good. I came from nothing and in the blink of an eye, my life was turned around. I fell into the lifestyle of a street diva. When I met Khadafi he showed me a way of life that I wasnít accustomed to. I was the queen of the streets and everybody knew my name. I was what every man wanted and what every woman wanted to be. The streets showed me love and I loved them back but the same things that will make you laugh will eventually make you cry. Trips overseas, fast cars, and more diamonds than I could possibly wear was a day in the life. But all good things must come to an end and my end came too soon. If I could turn back the hands of timeÖ




Dirty Money


Dirty Money is an urban tale of sex, money, murder, and mayhem and shows the pros and cons of the game. Anari is the epitome of a good girl turned bad after her world is brutally destroyed. Consumed with her desire for revenge, she, along with her best friend Monica, enter a life of drugs, fast money, and betrayal only to adapt the lifestyle that pushed them in the game in the first place. Hiding their true identities, the pair quickly rises to the top of New Jerseyís dope game. Using everyone who crosses their paths, nothing, not betrayal or addiction will stop them from dispensing their street justice.

Dirty Money is a page-turner that will leave readers in awe. The realistic drama that lingers on every page will have readers at their witís end trying to anticipate the final outcome. Never underestimate the power of the girls...They are definitely taking over the game!