Learn more about the two author's who keep you on the edge of your seat. Ashley Snell (20) and JaQuavis Coleman (21) prove age ain't nothing but a number. To get to know  Ashley and JaQuavis better, you need to look no further than to their bio's below....

..:: Ashley's Bio

Ashley Snell was born August 14, 1985 in Flint, MI. As a child she quickly recognized her artistic abilities as a writer, and her days were filled with endless hours of writing poetry and short stories to express her emotions. Growing up in the trenches of Flint’s ghettos, she was destined to produce the gritty street tales that she and her co-author are attributed for.  She received her first book deal at the age of 18 when she signed with Carl Weber’s Urban Books, and since then has helped to produce the hood tales Dirty Money, Diary of a Street Diva, & many upcoming titles that are not yet released.

  At the age of 20 she has a full plate as she balances writing with her college schedule. “I ain’t complaining though, it just feels good to be living out my dream. I want to give the readers quality, street lit with intriguing plots that they will enjoy. I think that I help bring something new to the game. As a duo, we tell both sides of the story. Real recognize real and I think that the readers will see a true portrayal of both the male and female characters.”

..:: JaQuavis' Bio

JaQuavis Coleman was born and raised in the heart of Flint, Mi, where he learned about the streets and how to survive in them. Growing up in one of the most notorious neighborhoods, he quickly adapted to the life similar to the ones around him. At an early age he was recognized for his writing ability, but it was overshadowed by his hustling lifestyle.  He took a personal life experience (along with Ashley) and created a novel entitled Dirty Money. The book quickly gained attention from different publishing companies including Teri Woods Publishing and Triple Crown Publications. The two authors decided to sign with Carl Weber’s Urban books.


At age 21, JaQuavis is currently in his third year of college seeking a Psychology Degree. When asked about his success and partnership he stated, “It’s a dream come true to do my two favorite things simultaneously: Write and get money. I love my job and I write for the hood. I want to be that voice that represents the streets, and I mean that from the heart. Ashley and I went through the hardship from the streets together, so it was only natural for us to write about it together.”  He is currently working on future novels to be released under urban books at a later date.